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Appointments can be scheduled via Appointlet. Click here to book online or contact me if you have questions about scheduling.

In 2020 I started offering virtual pay-what-you-can video meetings for emotional support and wellness coaching based in the peer support model. I hope to continue offering affordable support options on a sliding scale through 2021 and beyond.

These are unprecedented times: Covid-19, ongoing struggles for racial justice, financial upheaval, loss of social connection… so many of us are finding ourselves navigating situations we never anticipated. If you are finding it hard to cope, please reach out.

I offer my service in the spirit of mutual aid: the ways in which I have been supported during difficult times in my own life are now the ways I now offer support:

  • Someone to listen without judgment.
  • Someone to guide you through a meditation, prayer, or relaxation technique.
  • Someone who can offer ideas for healing resources that are culturally and spiritually relevant to you.
  • Someone who has experience as an activist, disaster relief volunteer, mental health worker, and trauma survivor, who can relate to some of what you may be going through.

I offer appointments in 15, 30, 60, or 90 minute increments:

  • 15 minutes: This is perfect for first time calls. I can tell you about my approach and what I offer, as well as learn a little about you and your hopes for support.
  • 30 minutes: Ever find yourself saying “I know it helps to take a break to breathe deeply/meditate/pray/stretch/__, but I just don’t make time for it in my day”? Setting an appointment for a short video call can make it easier to develop a regular practice for self care.
  • 60 minutes: Some find it helpful to schedule an hour to regularly check in weekly or monthly; others schedule as-needed.
  • 90 minutes: Time and space for deeper sharing, exploring a new spiritual practice, or whatever feels most supportive in the moment.

Pay What You’re Able Sliding Scale:
I believe that everyone should have access to resources that support their health and healing, regardless of income. I offer a sliding scale to assist you in choosing an amount in the low, mid, or high range of payment, based on your ability to pay. Not sure which column to pick?

Lower: I offer the lower end of the scale for people with little or no stable sources of income.
Middle: The mid-range of the scale allows me to cover expenses and support myself, and is for folks who are generally able to meet their basic needs and have a little left over at the end of each month when bills are paid.
Higher: Paying at or above the higher end of the scale makes it possible for me to earn a living wage and offer more free and lower cost services.

I accept funds via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

First-time 15 minute meetingFreeFreeFree
15-minute check-in  $5$15$30 or more
30 minute meeting$15$30$60 or more
One hour meeting$30$60$120 or more
90 minute meeting$60$90$180 or more

Please note: I do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, or medication recommendations. Please see the About Me page for more information about my training and experience in peer support and wellness coaching. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me and ask!

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